[rescue] Replacing Linksys WRT54GS with a Netra T105

Mark Brown sunrescue at marknmel.com
Mon Mar 23 17:31:26 CDT 2009


I'd like to replace my Linksys device that runs my ADSL connection here 
at home with a Netra box I'm about to rescue from the office.

I use PPPoE and QOS on the Linksys.  (I'll just use the Linksys as an 
access point...)   QoS is important to me as I do quite a bit of Voip here.

I've used IPF before, but never on Solaris.  (This seems easy enough to 
do a simple NAT with a couple of port forwards...)

The part that has be perplexed a bit is the QoS (man ipqos).  Has anyone 
actually used this?  Can you use it with a ppp device and a physical 
ethernet port?

Do I require an upstream router that supports diffserv?  Do I need a L2 
switch that does 802.1d as well?

Anyone have any wisdom or tips?  Links and advise gratefully accepted.



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