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Sun Mar 22 12:12:06 CDT 2009

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From: Ray Arachelian <ray at arachelian.com>
> der Mouse wrote:
> > My Voyager has an IDE laptop drive in it, with a SCSI/IDE bridge.
> > Unlike my Tadpole :(, the Voyager works just fine with this.
> >   
> So there's two Voyagers out there. One is the Tadpole/RDI Voyager
> server, which has two pull out drive contrainers, these each hold two
> 2.5" IDE (PATA) hard disks.
> I've managed to get mine to run with disks over 20G easily - you have to
> mess around with the geometry. (Mine right now runs Solaris 10, but
> beware Solaris 10 recognizes the PS/2 kb/mouse ports and if you have
> anything plugged in there it panics because it doesn't have the driver
> for them.) I take it we're not talking about this one right now.
> The other Voyager is the Sun Voyager, which has an LCD screen and
> sometimes battery. I've got one of these also.
> For speed, I've used a CF card plugged into a PCMCIA tray and have used
> this for swap. Mine still has Solaris 2.6 on it.
> I don't recall if it can boot off the PCMCIA bus, but that might be a
> possibility as you can get 32G CF cards these days.
> (I used a pair of 256M for the swap since the machine has very little
> RAM and uses a weird proprietary interface for memory - something
> similar to a PCMCIA card, but different.)
> > Solves the size problem quite effectively.  I didn't notice speed
> > problems myself, but I daresay it would address them too.
> >   
> Probably due to the speed of the SCSI bus more than anything else.
> Probably just 5MBps at best. Not sure if the PCMCIA bus is faster on
> these beasties, but if you can't boot off the PCMCIA card, maybe you can
> put a minimal OS on the internal scsi disk and the rest on flash? Might
> be worth experimenting with.

I have a "stock" one also.  Been looking to put a high capacity drive in
it but without the bridge circuit, the highest I've found was 1.2 GB.
Also trying to figure a good was of opening the battery case to replace
the cells with new cells without destroying the case.  I guess my only claim
to fame is that I have the carry bag :-]


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