[rescue] Looking for (this list). Home computers, early PC, etc

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Sun Mar 22 10:01:54 CDT 2009

der Mouse wrote:
> My Voyager has an IDE laptop drive in it, with a SCSI/IDE bridge.
> Unlike my Tadpole :(, the Voyager works just fine with this.
So there's two Voyagers out there. One is the Tadpole/RDI Voyager
server, which has two pull out drive contrainers, these each hold two
2.5" IDE (PATA) hard disks.
I've managed to get mine to run with disks over 20G easily - you have to
mess around with the geometry. (Mine right now runs Solaris 10, but
beware Solaris 10 recognizes the PS/2 kb/mouse ports and if you have
anything plugged in there it panics because it doesn't have the driver
for them.) I take it we're not talking about this one right now.

The other Voyager is the Sun Voyager, which has an LCD screen and
sometimes battery. I've got one of these also.
For speed, I've used a CF card plugged into a PCMCIA tray and have used
this for swap. Mine still has Solaris 2.6 on it.
I don't recall if it can boot off the PCMCIA bus, but that might be a
possibility as you can get 32G CF cards these days.
(I used a pair of 256M for the swap since the machine has very little
RAM and uses a weird proprietary interface for memory - something
similar to a PCMCIA card, but different.)

> Solves the size problem quite effectively.  I didn't notice speed
> problems myself, but I daresay it would address them too.
Probably due to the speed of the SCSI bus more than anything else.
Probably just 5MBps at best. Not sure if the PCMCIA bus is faster on
these beasties, but if you can't boot off the PCMCIA card, maybe you can
put a minimal OS on the internal scsi disk and the rest on flash? Might
be worth experimenting with.

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