[rescue] Solaris Zone customization

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Thu Mar 19 17:10:13 CDT 2009

Joshua Boyd wrote:

> does this ring a bell: svc:/system/hal:default
> svcs says it isn't running because dbus is disabled.

I think dbus is related to GNOMEish things.

> Anyway, disabling services is what I've been doing.
> The problem is that launching a new zone turns services on inside that
> zone that bring the machine to its knees, and it is difficult to get
> into the zone then and disable the services in question because of all
> the fork's failing due to lack of memory (and yes, I am doing something
> about the lack of memory).

You can add some swap, then set resource limits; that might tie up the
disks but won't starve you for RAM.  Have you run "dispadmin -d FSS" ?

Also, you want to read up on using svccfg and smf.

However, it was an excellent question, because I learned something new
while researching this!

You can create a site profile which will be automatically used on first
boot.  Since you can "see" the zone's filesystem before it is ever
booted, you need only create the file /var/svc/profile/site.xml with the
settings you want.

When you boot the zone for the first time, it will only run what you
tell it to.

See this thread:


Looks like it has enough detail for you to do what you want.


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