[rescue] Solaris Zone customization

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Thu Mar 19 16:29:50 CDT 2009

On Mar 15, 2009, at 9:30 PM, Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:

> Joshua Boyd wrote:
>> I can't seem to figure out how to customize what get setup in a new
>> zone.  Currently, every time a launch a new zone, it brings my 1GB
>> server to its knees because it launches several services I never want
>> (webconsole, webadmin, wbem, CDE) including two monstrous java  
>> processes
>> that are killed when I disable several services and have to be killed
>> manually.  What service are those java programs associated with  
>> anyway?
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> svcs -a shows you what is running.
> I usually disable cde-* , wbem, webconsole, volfs , autofs (plus edit
> /etc/auto_*), stfsloader, etc.
> You can easily script most or all of this, it is just
> for a in `cat disable-services.txt`
> do
> svcadm disable $a
> done
> I think I usually do "netservices limited" then go from there.
> Sun has changed some of the names and added/deleted services from
> release to release, so YMMV.

does this ring a bell: svc:/system/hal:default
svcs says it isn't running because dbus is disabled.

Anyway, disabling services is what I've been doing.

The problem is that launching a new zone turns services on inside  
that zone that bring the machine to its knees, and it is difficult to  
get into the zone then and disable the services in question because  
of all the fork's failing due to lack of memory (and yes, I am doing  
something about the lack of memory).

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