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der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Mar 19 01:09:19 CDT 2009

>> The $20k one most likely will have something the $2000 one is
>> lacking - and may be built for a lot longer time and stress than the
>> 3-5yr warrantied "commodity machine".
> They depreciate so quickly however.

Yes...in many environments.

In a lot of cases, it *is* better overall to get the cheap one and
replace it when it breaks.  The cases where you really want extra
quality are things like machines in remote places where merely sending
someone out to take a look costs tens of thousands; one failure saved
and the cost difference is paid for.  Or business backends where
downtime costs $hundreds/minute; again, one failure saved can more than
pay for the cost difference.  (And that figure is actually low, for
some industries - though setups like that are sometimes better off with
RAIC; the choice isn't always between one quality machine and one cheap

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