[rescue] Looking for (this list). Home computers, early PC, etc

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Mar 18 18:58:45 CDT 2009

> The only one of those we even *have* is the Voyager.  I got OpenBSD
> 4.4 on it the other day, installed from an external CD drive, then
> found it doesn't have enough disk space to install the ports tree,
> much less actually build anything from it.  And oy, is that disk
> SLOW...

My Voyager has an IDE laptop drive in it, with a SCSI/IDE bridge.
Unlike my Tadpole :(, the Voyager works just fine with this.

Solves the size problem quite effectively.  I didn't notice speed
problems myself, but I daresay it would address them too.

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