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Rick Hamell hamellr at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 12:14:23 CDT 2009

gsm at mendelson.com wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 09:38:46AM -0700, Rick Hamell wrote:
>> If it could get Apple to realize that they need a lot of help in the 
>> Enterprise, AND fix it it, I'd be all for that merger.
> The problem with that, IMHO, is that the people who buy computers for
> "the Enterprise" want to pay Dell prices (or less) not Apple.
> Jobs does not want to become just another "commodity PC" vendor.

I believe that the opposite is true. A lot of companies do want to buy 
Apple hardware but try to avoid doing so because of the HUGE bugs Apple 
is not willing to fix. LDAP integration is still a joke. NFS bugs 
galore. Mail/iCal/Address Book still don't quite work right with 
Exchange. Appletalk/Bonjour still exists and causes huge conflicts with 
IP printing. IP Printing itself is unstable and hard to configure 
although a huge part of that is also on the printer driver side itself. 
Things like Adobe's continued reluctance to properly support OSX and 
64bit hardware is yet another huge factor.

In previous employer, with 1000+ Macs, 25,000 PCs, and server 
technologies from every single vendor in existence (I wish I was joking 
about that, the server room looked like a used car lot with brands willy 
nilly all over the place) our Apple Rep's continuous question was "What 
can we do to get OS X on every desktop?" Our complaints and list of bugs 
   would be dutifully taken and never really addressed.

With Apple's overt goals of being an iPhone/iPod company that also sells 
PC's, I think Jobs DOES want to be just another commodity PC vendor. If 
he didn't he would push Adobe to fix their crap. He would give the 
Enterprise division free reign to fix show stopping bugs that have 
existed since the first version of OS X. He would have a more reasonable 
  OS rollout path instead of forced upgrades to the newest OS version 
3-6 months after it's released so that companies who like to standardize 
on one OS version for 2-3 years at a time.

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