[rescue] Gear in Northern Virginia

John Schweitzer thanatos at hoodlum.org
Tue Mar 17 10:20:22 CDT 2009

Hello all;

As much as it pains me, I am in the process of moving to a slightly  
smaller house, and will no longer have room for these babies:

Sun Ultra Enterprise 3k (SUN4U): (floorstanding case with key)
		Dual 338 Mhz UltraSparc II
		1.2G Memory
		Almost-full disk chassis - 2.1G and 4G
		base install of Solaris 2.5.1 (no updates, etc)
		additional HME/SCSI board
		DDS2 tape drive

Sun SparcCenter 1000 (SUN4D): with case and key
		6 x (40 Mhz) CPU - 3 CPU boards, one free slot
		288M Memory
		Bunch of 512M/2.1G disks

DECServer 2100 : I had VMS on it at one point, but I can't get it to  
power on at the moment.
		Max CPU boards, and I have 2-3 spare boards
	 	Full disks
		Dual power supply
		It is Alpha, but I can't remember the CPU rev

5' HP rack (19" wide):  Great rack, it's obviously shorter than  
standard - but solid.

Compaq Disk arrays (SCSI3, IIRC) x4, with 4.3G disks
	- one of the arrays has 3/7 disks, the others are 7/7

Qualstar tape library (Dead Drive, good library)

Compaq Tape library (TL891 - dead drives, good library)

(I have a few unopened 35/70 DLTIV tapes too, which will go with the  

Several 19" - 21" monitors (Sorry, no 13w3)
	Older, tube-type, no flatscreens

These are available for pickup in the Northern Virginia area;  I don't  
really have the capacity to get these to a shipping facility. (I drive  
a Prius - heh)

I do need these gone as soon as possible, not all people viewing our  
home have the same affinity for beauty of this particular bent.

Feel free to contact me at this address with questions.  First Come,  
First Serve!


John Schweitzer

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