[rescue] Netra X1 HD tray

Mark Brown sunrescue at marknmel.com
Mon Mar 16 16:53:01 CDT 2009

Lionel Peterson wrote:
> Yes, I've checked. My Netra X1 once had a second drive (the IDE cable
> is still in the case), but the second drive/tray were removed.
> I was pleased to see that my unit had the full compliment of RAM (4x
> 256 Meg - it's a 400 MHz CPU system), but I was not a winner in the
> "spare drive tray" lottery... (Or, sadly, the Power Ball Lottery
> either)
Nice, that it has 4x256M.   Mine is a little tight at 512M (4x128).  
Anyone want to send me some sticks to Canada? ...Please :-)

You should also pull the heatsink.  My cpu was stamped 500MHz, but 
clocked @440.  You can guess what I did next....
> Glad to hear the IDE seems better, the limit, BTW, is 137 Gig as I
> recall,
Right you are.  I had a D'oh moment after hitting send.
>  but that's fine - one or two New Old Stock 80 Gig IDE drives
> are all I plan to put in there...
The 80's should work ok.  Did in my U10 while I used that.... 
You could start with the stock drive, drop to LOM, get the temperatures 
- then start upgrading disk, measuring as you go.
Let us know the findings...

While speaking of Netra's - has anyone replaced a CDROM in a T105 with a 
sun slim DVDROM?  I'm getting a T105 from $WORK that I would like to use 
for Asterisk development....


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