[rescue] Voyager

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Mar 15 05:26:15 CDT 2009

> The good news:  Getting the case apart turns out to be fiddly, but
> not essentially complex.

> The bad news:  ...Except for one part, on which I seem to be in a
> catch-22 situation.  [...last two parts of the case...floppy...]

My Voyager is in a different city than I am at the moment.  But I don't
recall any such problem, and I've taken mine pretty close to all the
way apart (I replaced the disk, which is one of the last parts you get
access to when taking it apart).

Do you have 801-3872-12 - the Voyager service manual, I think it is?
(I'm recovering from a disk death on the machine I'm using and thus am
stuck with text-only for the moment, or I'd check it myself.)  That was
my reference when taking mine apart, and I didn't have any real

If you have trouble finding a copy, just let me know.

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