[rescue] Sun and HP gear...

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sat Mar 14 15:23:47 CDT 2009


I still have my six-way E3000 (400Mhz w/ 3GB of RAM), HP DL 580 (1GB  
RAM 4-way 2.3Ghz which support HT) and A5000 that could all use a new  
home. They need to be picked up in 46219; they are too heavy to ship.  
I also have some other EX000 gear.

Looking for small amounts of cash, newer/smaller gear (Sun U80/SB1000,  
x64 setups) or avionics (Mode C transponder, Narco Mk12D, etc.)

I also have a darkroom set (enlarger, timer, assorted tools, film  
canister, paper, etc.) available for barter/sale, too.


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