[rescue] More goodies U60's and an U30

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Mar 13 22:05:27 CDT 2009

" From: Christopher Purdy <escher2 at chartermi.net>
" What's up fellow rescuers.
" I have in hand the following:
" 4 Ultra 60 workstations
" 1 Ultra 30 workstation
" I also grabbed a StorEdge multiple tape drive, an 8mm sun tape drive,  
" and a few external enclosures.
" Just decommissioned, and saved from the dumpster.
" I will have to wipe the drives before delivery...
" as always - local only - I'm in Fenton, MI - zip 48430.

i'd love to get that u30 and an enclosure for full height wide-scsi
disks, but i'm in 01835...	;^<
anyone in a position to act as shipper?
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