[rescue] For sale: Sun AXe, Mac G4 motherboards

nate at portents.com nate at portents.com
Tue Mar 10 11:13:59 CDT 2009

I'm in 02144, and have the follow two items for sale:

$25 + shipping - new in box Sun SPARCengine Ultra AXe motherboard
* Sun Part No: 375-0088
* UltraSPARC IIi 300MHz CPU, 256KB L2 cache
* Supports memory expansion up to 1GB using 4 dual bank 256MB DIMMs
* Three standard 32-bit 33MHz PCI expansion slots (+5V slots with 3.3V
supply also)
* 1MB onboard flash EPROM for OBP, POST and bootloader drivers
* NVRAM/Real Time Clock module
* Onboard graphics accelerator with 4MB of SGRAM VideoRAM, supports 24-bit
color graphics, resolutions up to 1280x1024 in 8-bit mode and supports a
DB15 connector
* CD quality 16-bit EBus-based audio with connectors for Mic in, Line in,
Line out, and Headphone
* Onboard EIDE controller that can support up to four EIDE drives
* Autosensing 10Base-T / 100Base-T Fast Ethernet with fully buffered
transmit and receive channels
* Four serial ports - One asynchronous / synchronous RS423A / RS232A
serial port (portC) and one asynchronous serial port from the SAB serial
port chip available on a 26 (2x13) pin header (port D), Two 16550
compatible asynchronous serial ports available; one DB9 connector on the
rear I/O panel (portA) and one on a 9-pin header (port B)
* Centronics compatible parallel port interface, IEEE 1284 bi-directional,
DB25 connector
* Interface for PS/2 keyboard and mouse
* Reliability, availability, serviceability (RAS) features: I2C devices to
monitor CPU temperature and fan speed as advanced system monitoring (ASM)
* Single level watchdog timer for Solaris Operating Environment
* One floppy connector (2 x 17 pins)
* Two IDE connectors (2 x 20 pins); each interface runs at 16.7MB per second
* One I2C expansion connector (9 pins)
* Supports power supply switch and the chassis front panel soft power
on/off switch
* One ATX power supply connector (20 pins)
* Motherboard dimensions: 12.0" (304.8mm) width x 9.6" (243.84mm) length
* Includes 1U rackmount kit and PCI riser
* SPARCengine Ultra AXe Technical Reference and Installation Manual:

$10 + shipping - Apple Power Mac G4 "Gigabit Ethernet" motherboard
* For an Apple Power Mac G4 Gigabit Ethernet model (G4/450 dual, 500 dual
and G4/400 single with 1000Base-T ethernet).
* Apple Part Number: 661-2331
* Apple Assembly: 820-1153-A

How to differentiate between G4 models:

- Nate

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