[rescue] Fixing up a SS20

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Mon Mar 2 16:45:51 CST 2009

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" > Zach,
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" > I've got the 8MB VSIMM (may have to hunt a bit).  Do you need any more
" > memory to max this out?
" > I'll have to dig through stuff, but I'm sure I have the "compose" key, and
" > may have the SCSI and SX or ZX framebuffer.
" That will max out the internal video memory.  IT does have internal video, doesn't it?
" (Look at the picture on the circuit board.  If the bear has a hat, you have the internal
" video circuitry :-] )  The rest of the slots are for system memory.  I forgot what the max
" is when you fill them up (been a while since I booted mine up) but IIRC 384 meg sounds about right.

there are 8 ram slots for 64M sticks or 4-8M vsimms.  iirc if he has
both the onboard vid and the paddle card for the 2nd head 2 slots take
vsimms, leaving 6 slots for 384M.
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