[rescue] storage array won't power on

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Mar 2 12:21:30 CST 2009

I have had this SSA 114 (I think it was since it had 2G drives) working 
well for a few years. As the 2G drives have died, I have replaced them 
with 4 and 9G drives.

The last thing I did was to empty out drawer 3 entirely and fill drawer 
1 with 4G drives and drawer 2 with 9G drives.

Now it won't power on, and still won't power on with just a few drives. 
I didn't remember that any specific drives had to be present for it to 
work, either.

Some Googling has turned up the fact that these guys had power supply 
problems, and I am wondering what the symptoms of a bad PS would be.

Right now, turning the power switch on makes the front panel display 
light up briefly and go out. On the back, one light on the PS goes on 
and stays on, and the other flashes briefly just like the front panel.

This has been a wonderful thing to have (along with a pair of Ultra 
2s--thanks Lionel) for setting up and learning Sun cluster, and I really 
don't have any type of replacement that will let me do that.

Any ideas?



hehe. Interesting that Thunderbird spell check wants to replace 
"Googling" with "Go ogling"

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