[rescue] Hercules follow up - More IBM emulation fun

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Sun Mar 1 21:42:25 CST 2009

In early February, we had a discussion on the Hercules IBM mainframe 
emulation software.  I wish I had payed more attention when it was going on.

Anyway, I recently went out and got a current copy of the source code, 
version 3.0.6, which easily compiled on OpenSolaris Nevada, at least, 
once you have located a non-included file called ieee-sol.h.

Anyway, I now have a clean, error free compile.  My question to the 
group, is what are you doing with it?

Are there some basics you are going through to come up to speed?  Is 
this just something people with a mainframe history are playing with? 
What applications are you running on it?

TIA for any comments, I am always interested in learning new things, and 
I am curious what everyone is doing with this software.


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