[rescue] Suggestions for Shipping from UK to US

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 1 15:10:47 CST 2009

Can anybody suggest how to ship from the UK to US "cost-effectively"?

I recently received some light weight components and was stunned at the cost of the shipping.

The package was sent via Parcel Force EMS Global Priority.  I was told by the shipper that it was the most cost effective that they could find & that it wasn't the weight but the volume that caused the excess charge.

I need to have some more equipment shipped back to me in Texas, and I am asking any and all for suggestions.  The other equipment is heavier and larger than the first, and I'm not sure that my budget can sustain such charges.

Suggestions welcomed off-list.


steve price
ft worth texas usa
sd_price at yahoo.com

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