[rescue] Resistance (might) be useful?

John Francini francini at mac.com
Fri Jun 19 12:45:51 CDT 2009


I've come into a bucketful of resistors.  These are axial-lead, most  
likely all 1/4w, 5% tolerance.  These were left behind when DEC/Compaq/ 
HP vacated a lab that we're now moving into).  Most are on tape strips  
for feeding into component placement machines.

I'm not an electronics tech, so I went on-line to decode some of the  
color-codes I've seen:

red-black-brown-gold: 		200 ohms, 5% tolerance
orange-orange-orange-gold: 	33K, 5%
orange-orange-gold-gold: 	3.3, 5%
orange-orange-red-gold:	3.3K, 5%
white-brown-yellow-gold:	910K, 5%
blue-red-red-gold:		6.2K, 5%

and several others

plus several with writing on them (kinda hard to read)

plus one strip of something that's got exactly one stripe -- black --  
on the center.

Could anyone use these before I toss the bucket? Probably about 5  
lbs.  You'd need to pay for shipping from 03062.


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