[rescue] AT&T SYSV/386

Tom Manos tmanos at concursive.com
Sun Jun 7 19:57:25 CDT 2009

I have a floppy set of the AT&T SVR4 distribution for 386. It comes  
with everything you need except the development set, which was  
unbundled back then. You might be able to find a gcc for it somewhere.  
Maybe I could provide a binary for you, but would need to get together  
all the libs and includes and man pages I guess. Sounds like a pita.

I also have Novell UNIXWare 2.0, which is also a SVR4 distribution. It  
has some other netware integration stuff, which you do not have to  
install, and also X, which you also do not have to install. This is a  
cdrom distribution with a boot floppy and a drivers floppy. If comes  
with a C development environment. It's actually quite nice and I'm  
running it on two old servers here just for fun. This was also the  
last (I think) version that did not need a serial number. It's an  
unlimited license.

Be aware that these old things only know about mfm/rll disks and 50  
pin scsi2, and are picky about controllers and such.

I can email disk images or make them available for download if it  
meets your needs.

I may have some older SVR3 images around somewhere if that's what you  


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