[rescue] Spare bits

Nadine Miller velociraptor at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 02:29:24 CDT 2009

I was going through the parts box the other day, thought I'd see if  
any recuers would be interested.

* 2x Chameleon USB to Sun keyboard adaptors.  I think they are most  
useful if you would like to use a Sun type 5 or similar keyboard w/the  
mini-Din connector on a box that has or requires a USB keyboard.  They  
were used with Lightwave console devices, afaik.  PN: 500-000-1002   
Free for postage.

* 1x SCA to 68-pin SCSI adaptor.  I'm fairly certain it's a 2-way  
thing, but it may only accept a disk on the SCA side and a cable/ 
controller on the 68-pin side.  No docs, but the jumpers are  
reasonably well-labelled.  Couple of bucks and postage.

* 19" Princeton LCD languishing here.  It's no uber-gaming panel or  
anything, but hubby with the picky eyesight used it as his primary for  
about 2-3 years until he got his Dell 20" WS.  No stuck or dead pixels  
last time it was powered up, will test before shipping to verify.  I  
can provide model # and specs to interested parties.  $100 shipped to  
the lower 48.  I'll ship elsewhere, if you'll cover the difference in  

* 2x LSI PCI SCSI cards that were purchased for Sun workstations but  
never installed.  They are SCSI-3, but not fast.  They have those  
wonky mini SCSI connectors for external cables, and are 68-pin for  
internal connectors.  $30 ea, shipped.

Not really looking for anything right now other than an IBM Model M15  
ergo keyboard, a Matias Tactile Pro (version 1, not 2) keyboard, or a  
possibly a Comfort Keyboard adjustable 3-piece keyboard.  Anyone know  
if this has "clicky" keyswitches like IBM, Cherry, or Matias?)

If anyone is in need of 50-pin SCSI disks (3.5" disks, not full or  
half-height old school server stuff)--all out of Macs or older Mac kit  
(pre OS X), let me know and I'll dig around to see if I have what you  
want.  Most of older stuff will be cost of postage.

I'm in San Bruno, CA (94066).

Can meet @ San Bruno or other West Bay BART station if you are in  
Silly Valley and willing to buy me a beer. :-)


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