[rescue] Rescue Challenge..?

Christopher Purdy escher2 at chartermi.net
Fri Jul 31 16:48:28 CDT 2009

Just a thought I had while working on one of my Sun Boxes...

I thought it would be fun to issue a challenge to the list members - to
build the most powerful machine you can - ONLY with your rescued bits, or
with parts you trade with other members of the list.

What brought this to mind was a rescue that I did with another list member a
few months ago - we were given free reign in my old corporate office and
told "take what you want - the rest goes to the dumpster".

I just now got around to going through some of that hardware and am in the
process of building the following:

Sun Ultra 60
Dual 450 CPU's
1.6GB Ram (Need to see if this can be improved from my other ram on hand)
Dual (NIB!!!!) 36GB 10K HDD's

Not my best machine (I sold a couple of dual CPU Blade 2000's), but
interesting that I had all these parts just lying around in random boxes.
I'm curious to see who has the best "free" machine!


- Chris

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