[rescue] SS 10 question and Ultra 10 question

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu Jul 30 13:21:49 CDT 2009

 Some follow up questions to various comments
(Thanks for all the info on the Ultra 10. )

1) The Sun Monitor is a 17 inch, but no manufacturing info.  And to be
honest, I can't for the life of me figure out how to open the plastic.
I've taken out all the screws (and checked underneath all the labels for
that hidden screw...)  No luck.  The other Dell monitors I have it was
fairly simple to find out what was off.
While it wasn't worth the effort on the Dell LCD's (aside from the one that
the only issue was a bad VGA cable... that was the easy fix 8-) ), it would
be very useful to have a Sun LCD
that could accept the output from the SS10's, etc.  Any ideas how to open
the thing?

2) I've not gotten any suggestions on the SS10 HME issue.  Nobody here have
any ideas??

3) On the Ultra 10, if I put in a drive larger than 128G, will it "work" at
all? (i.e. yes, but only use 128G?)
The CF solution I already utilize for my firewall (it's worked great for
many years now...) so that's an idea for the boot.
What's the minimum size for a CF drive that would fit basic Solaris Install?

4) RAM wise, this has the Sun 50ns, 256M sticks.  So anybody got a pair
they'd be willing to part with?
Sun labeled stuff should work, no?

5)  RE: OS Type.  I'd like the option of using Solaris, OpenSolaris, NetBSD,
OpenBSD etc.  This is going to be
a "play" box, not something that gets used for "real" work.  So, a
controller that would be supported
across those (is there one that's supported on all?)  Obviously I need
something can book from the OPENBOOT

6) Any suggestions on SAS, SCSI, or even better IDE controller that would
work in the Ultra10?
I'm looking for cheap, and easy to add a large disk.   SCSI I'd think would
be the most expensive here..
USB I guess is an option (though I'd need pointers for the "right" USB

7) Also, any pointers of Creator, etc Video card would be appreciated.



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