[rescue] Free to rescuers: Apple 9600, 6400, 650 plus monitors, keyboards, printers, books, etc. near Baltimore

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Thu Jul 30 12:12:53 CDT 2009

(I gave it a try on Craigslist, but the responses are all from
functional illiterates and make me want to reach through the screen
and smack them.  So somebody please take the whole pile and spare me!)

I tend to drive to places like Frederick (MD), York (PA), Philadelphia (PA)
and Washington (DC) and wouldn't object to loading the stuff up and
meeting someone halfway to spare them a long drive.  But the whole
pile needs to go very very soon: I've lost my main storage space.

The pile-of-stuff is described below.  I've tried to make this as
accurate as possible, but with this much stuff, and my lack of
Apple expertise, mistakes seem likely.


Three systems.  I don't know much about these except "they boot up
and appear to work", so here goes:

	6400/200 with
		disk: 2.3 G drive
		RAM: 136M
		OS: 8.1
		Kingston Ethernet card
	9600 with
		disk: 1.9G
		RAM: 136M
		OS: 8.0
	Quadra 650 with
		disk: about 230M
		RAM: 8m
		OS: 7.1

2 monitors:

5 keyboards:
	3X Apple Extended Keyboard II Family M3501
	Interex Mac-105a
	Apple Keyboard II Family M0487

6 mice:
	3X Apple Desktop Bus Mouse Family G5431
	3X Apple Desktop Bus Mouse Family M2706

3 external SCSI enclosures:
	ClubMac w/Sony 2G DAT Drive DDS drive (untested)
	ClubMac w/1.1G disk (working)
	ClubMac w/Quantum 365M Lightning SCSI drive (working)

2 printers (untested):
	Apple Personal Laserwriter 300
	Apple Personal Laserwriter NT

Box-o'-loose Apple/Sun SCSI disks -- were working with
one exception, see below:
	3x Seagate ST1480N (aka Sun 424)
	1x Conner CP3540
	1x Quantum ProDrive ES P008-0073414
	1x Quantum Maverick ProDrive M454S01N
	1x Seagate Hawk ST31200N
	1x Conner CP30540
	1x Maxtor 7213SR
	1x Seagate Medalist ST51080N -- seems flakey

Software, manuals and books

	Floppies w Apple s/w:
		LaserWriter II install
		LaserWriter IINT/NTX fonts
		Mac Utilities 5.0 1&2
		Mac System Tools 5.0 1&2
		Mac Printing Tools
		ImageWriter IQ 
		ImageWriter IQ Fonts 1
		ImageWriter IQ Fonts 2
		Hypercard Help
		Mac Basics (about half a dozen of these)

	Codewarrior 8.0 multiple CDs (distribution, reference, etc.)
		with license

	Start Faxing version 1.1.4 manual + two floppies with s/w
		with license

	TCP/IP Connections for Mac  part# M8113Z/A, 2 floppies,
		2 copies of user guide with license

	Canvas 5 installation disk set (10 floppies) with license
		manual: Canvas 5 Getting Started
		manual: Canvas 5 User's Guide

	MacOS 8.5 distribution and 8.6
		(in one box, both on CD, with license)

	manual: Claris Impact User's Guide for Mac

	manual: BBedit user manual version 4.5

	manual: Aladdin Systems Stuffit Deluxe Spacesaver manual
		ISBN 1-878777-13-0

	manual:	Mac Quick Ref Card part# 030-3180A
	manual:	Mac Quick Ref Card part# 030-3180B
	manual: Local Talk Cable System Owner's Guide part# 030-0043A
	manual: Apple Talk Personal Network part# 030-3112A
	manual: Getting Started With Your Mac part# 030-4014A
	manual: Mac Utilities User's Guide part# 030-3418-A
	manual: Mac System Software User's Guide 6.0 part# 030-3281-A
	manual: Mac Reference part# 030-4015B
	manual: Apple Personal LaserWriter NT Owner's Guide

	book: Adobe Photoshop 3.0 Tutorial
	book: Adobe Photoshop 3.0 Getting Started
	book: Adobe Photoshop 3.0 User's Guide

	book: Powerbook: The Digital Nomad's Guide (w/floppy)
		ISBN 0-679-74588-2

	book: The Power Mac Book 2nd ed., (w/CD)
		ISBN 1-883577-67-5

	book: The Web Publisher's Design Guide for Macintosh (w/CD)
		ISBN 1-883-577-63-2

	book: The complete guide to Mac backup Management (w/CD)
		ISBN 0-12-192562-5

	book: Using your Mac: The User-Friendly Reference
		ISBN 0-7897-0094-8

	book: Using Quark Express Version 3.3 for Mac, pub by Que
		ISBN 1-56529-195-6

	book: Guide to Quark Express for Mac circa 1996
		no ISBN (that's odd!)

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