[rescue] SS 10 question and Ultra 10 question

nate at portents.com nate at portents.com
Thu Jul 30 11:36:42 CDT 2009

> Would an SE/30 *format* a 100GB disk before some component in the
> machine died from old age?

Sheesh.  You do realize that people like me still own things like an
original Mac 128k, stock config, that runs great, right?  (Though I will
be going through the process of replacing every single capacitor in it by
hand in the not too distant future to ensure it runs well for at least
another 20 years.)

> And would a MacOS version that will run on an SE/30 recognize a disk that
> big anyway?

In the Mac OS before 7.5.5, an HFS partition was at most 2GB.  In 7.5.5
and later, that was raised to 4GB.  In 8.1 they introduced HFS+, which has
a 2TB limit in that OS version.  On a 68k Mac you still have to boot from
an HFS volume, but you can have a very large number of partitions per
drive.  Normally you wouldn't be able to run OS 8.1 on an SE/30 because it
lacks a 32-bit "clean" ROM, however the SE/30 has it's ROM on a SIMM, so
you can use the IIfx or (rarer) IIsi SIMM in an SE/30 to make the SE/30
32-bit clean, and then you can use a bit of hacking to get OS 8.1
installed on it:


So it's quite possible to use big, modern drives in an SE/30.

- Nate

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