[rescue] SS 10 question and Ultra 10 question

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Thu Jul 30 10:26:41 CDT 2009

Sandwich Maker wrote:
> this brings up something i've been musing about.
> my gf just bumped the ram in her imac to max; memory is cheap enough
> we figured no point in doing less.

I'd love to top out the RAM in all the machines we're actively using, if
I had something resembling a discretionary-spending budget right now.
(For that matter I'd love to throw a matched set of new disks into
babylon4's array, but when you're talking a dozen disks, that gets
spendy even at today's disk prices.)

Seems like for every one friend we hear about getting a new job, two get
laid off...

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