[rescue] SS 10 question and Ultra 10 question

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed Jul 29 23:06:32 CDT 2009

A quick SS10 question and a Ultra 10 question.
First, I got a new SS10 motherboard from a list member after the power
meltdown took out my SS10 LX 8-( (the one I was trying to preserve...)
I'm back up and operating with the new motherboard.  However, the 2nd SS10
is having some odd problems with it's HME0 interface.  When the machine
comes up, it shows up lit on the switch, until the kernel comes completely
up, and then it takes the interface down for some reason.  I've tried boot
-r, Stop-N,
tried sys-unconfig.  No dice.  It may be that the NIC's got switched around
and the NIC got fried along with the old board.  But the fact that it shows
up initially
alive on the switch makes me believe otherwise.  Any ideas / thoughts as to
what might be off?

Second, I got a Ultra 10 at the 2nd "Electronic Recycling Day" at our
office...or as we call it "Shipping Dock Shopping Day". (a co-worker got a
fully populated Ultra 2)
Got a Sun LCD too (but ended up having either a power supply or inverter
problem.. simply doesn't turn on 8-(  )

But the Ultra 10 turns on, boots and comes up to login prompt (somebody
forgot to wipe the disk...)   It's got just the on-board video, 512 and 2
9GB IDE drives.
I know everybody suggests going to a SCSI controller...which I might do.
 However, I've got much bigger IDE drives lying around than SCSI, so even if
it's slow, having
a bigger drive would be more useful... I'm thinking of just playing with
OpenSolaris, or NetBSD, etc on it.   What's the biggest IDE that works in
Is it stuck with the 128 boundary?  Or can I go larger?

And anybody have a line on 2 more sticks ofRAM for it?  It's got 2 256
sticks, so I can go two more...

And anybody got a Creator, etc, video card that would work in it?  I can
handle the 13w3 connectors just fine
(would actually work better, since I've got a Lightspeed KVM with those that
I use for the Sun's...)   But either would work.

Any help muchly appreciated.



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