[rescue] emulated sparcstations

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Jul 21 23:26:48 CDT 2009

Looking for comments on sparcstation emulation.

I know of tme and qemu (but have not yet tried either).

Currently, I'd like to emulate a sparc to run SunOS 4.X
(so tme's ss2 emulation or qemu's ss10 emulation fit that bill)
and a sparcstation 1 (as I have an old OS release that will
run on an SS1, but not a 1+ or 2).... I have not seen SS1
emulation for tme or qemu.

So, in general, are there other sparcstation emulators
out there that are worth looking into ?

Is there an emulator that will emulate a 4/60 (SS1) ?

General experiences of tme vs qemu are also welcome.

And yes, I do have plenty of real Sparcstations (every sun4-c,
most sun4-m, a 1000E for sun4-d, and Ultra1, 2, and 60 for Sun4-u).
They just don't spend much time currently setup or powered on due
to space/power/time... so emulation for some experiments would be

Thanks for any input !

-- Curt

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