[rescue] weird Opteron 865 / Tyan 4882 problem

Laurence Brevard brevard at 1or0.com
Tue Jul 14 23:08:49 CDT 2009

At 07:32 PM 7/14/2009, Phil Stracchino wrote:
>Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
>> Jonathan Patschke wrote:
>> I have swapped the memory, it works in the other slot.
>Do you mean CPU1's RAM works on CPU0, or that it'll boot with either
>pair of RAM slots for CPU1 filled with either pair of modules, but not
>with all four filled regardless of which modules are in them??
>It sounds pretty clear you have a fault either on the board or on CPU1,
>but so far there isn't enough information to nail down which of those it is.

I've had this kind of symptom and it turned out to be bad connections in the RAM sockets.

Stabilant 22 is an "organic contact enhancer" that I first used in the 1970's on audio connections. It is still used in the audio engineering community and by people who restore old cars.

Cleaning the edge connector and, as much as possible, the socket with 99% isopropanol and then slathering both connector and socket in Stabilant 22 (properly diluted in 99% isopropanol) made a WORLD of difference. It allowed systems that would not pass POST memory tests to boot and run just fine.

I got my Stabilant 22 from www.micro-tools.com - $38 for 5 ml which dilutes 6:1 with 99% isopropanol to make 30 ml of usable solutions. Yeah - it's expensive.

I bought the isopropanol in San Jose, CA from a science fair project oriented company but, since then, found out that Fry's has it. NOTE: 99% is NOT generally available at drug stores.

Your mileage may vary! :-)


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