[rescue] Wanted: Retro *NIX boxes near Seattle's U-District

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 01:51:39 CDT 2009

Hey all.

I moved out here last year from Chicago, and am missing my old
collection of mainly SGI gear, but also Sun, DEC and HP toys.

I've been forced to use modern OSes, svelte hardware, plain-jane x86
cpus, and light, convenient LCD monitors for the past year, and
frankly, I'm damn sick of it.

I'd love to grab something with a clock speed in mhz, a pre 2000
software copyright, and a 100lb CRT for a display.

Anyone out here in the area have any toys they want to give away or
sell me so I can get my IRIX / Solaris / HP-UX or other esoteric *NIX

I'm desperate enough that anything anyone can spare is welcome-- from
a Sun lunchbox to an SGI monster deskside or rack.

SGIs always were my favorite though, and I have some Onyx parts I've
collected here.

Anyhow thanks, and if there's any other retrocomputing nerds in the
area, let me know.

-- Ian F

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