[rescue] A few SS10 questions

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Thu Jul 9 18:22:41 CDT 2009

" From: "Curtis H. Wilbar Jr." <rescue at hawkmountain.net>
" Jonathan Sturges wrote:
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" > Many of those frame buffers are fixed-frequency types that you
" > probably need an older Sun monitor for.  For awhile, I was keeping
" > one of those Sun 20" CRTs (the Sony GDM-20E20, IIRC) b/c it worked
" > with the old frame buffers as well as multi-sync PCs and newer
" > frame buffers, and it would be the right thing for what you need.
" Any decent PC monitor from the mid 90s and up should work... if it will 
" handle 1280x1024 non interlaced it should handled the Sun's 1152x900
" OK.  I even sync'd up my old viewsonic 7 which I think had a rating of
" 1024x768 non interlaced and 1280x1024 interlaced.... I was pushing it
" beyond spec... but it worked... (and I used it infrequently on the
" Sun's as I had one of the Sun (Hitachi) 19" color boat anchors (was I
" sure glad to lose that thing)).
" Have to have the right adapter... Sun and SGI (and others that used 
" 13W3) used different pins for the sync lines.
" I've had no problem using 'PC' class monitors on Sun's.... although I'm 
" sure there are some monitors out there that might not like it (there
" has to be considering there are so many :-) ).

iirc it has to accept sync-on-green.

i ran for many years off sbus cg3s and cg6s with a sony 15sxII at
1152x900x66; stable and crisp and within its 1280x1024x60 limit.  more
recently i've also used an hp-branded tube which may well have been a
rebranded sony.  i'm currently using a sony e200 on a creator fb.
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