[rescue] A few SS10 questions

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Thu Jul 9 11:17:11 CDT 2009

Quoth Earl D. Baugh Jr. ...
[snip sad tale of lightning, etc. and SS10 that won't boot]
> So, I pulled out a trusty null modem serial cable, hooked it up,  
> unplugged the monitor and keyboard.   The PC (one of few sadly that  
> has a serial port) has HyperTerminal and RealTerm on it.
> The PC is the one that I was using for testing out my Sun 3 
> boxes on,  
> but it's not quite in the same state it was when I was doing that  
> (that project is on the back burner right now...)  So not 100% sure
> about the serial terminal.   Setting either program to 
> 9600-8-N-1, and firing it up, I get no output.

9600-8-N-1 ought to work, or at least get garbage if the 9600 is wrong.
However, remember to turn off _all_ handshaking on the PC end. 


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