[rescue] Multiflow documentation available

rescue at hawkmountain.net rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Jul 7 07:42:54 CDT 2009

3 ring Multiflow binders containing:

TRACE/UNIX Operating System Multiflow System Administrators Guide,
Reference Manual and Supplement
TRACE/UNIX Operating System Programmers Supplement Parts 1 + 2
TRACE/UNIX Multiflow Systems Administrators Guide, Reference Manual, and
Trace/UNIX Programmers Reference Manual, Section 1
Trace/UNIX Programmers Reference Manual Sections 2-7
Multiflow Computer Misc Documents
Multiflow Fortran Users Guide and Reference Manual (Fortran Compiler 2.1)
Assembler & C Notes (hand written title on spine, Multiflow docs inside)
Intermediate Language Document (not in 3 ring binder)

>From what I can tell Multiflow Trace/UNIX is based on 4.3 BSD.  The manuals
are for Trace/UNIX version 3.2.

This stuff is located in Cambridge, MA, or could be made available in
Sharon, MA.

If you have any interest in these manuals, e-mail me ASAP, as they are
in the old computer room/office space and I don't know how much longer
I'll have access to the space (or how long before they clean out what was
left behind).

This would make a great addition to bitsavers (if not already there?).

-- Curt

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