[rescue] Free: iOpener hacked

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 06:45:23 CST 2009

These are near little machines, my father liked his (he ran original  
*nix OS) on his, and likely would have kept using his if the built-in  
browser could have been updated. Eventually the sites he visited were  
too advanced for his browser.

We ran the original OS on his because if the system got "stuck" he  
could power-cycle it and loose nothing...

They can run various OS, and with a USB adapter, WiFi and Ethernet are  


On Jan 28, 2009, at 4:52 AM, kyle <kyle000 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have an iOpener which had been hacked(not by me, it's running
> winblows). Anyway, if you are in the NYC metro area, it's yours.
> Pickup only. It presently has win98 on it, but you can always install
> something better(and please do). The iOpener + kb + powerbrick.
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