[rescue] Netapp F840

Mark Brown sunrescue at marknmel.com
Tue Jan 27 07:55:08 CST 2009

This is a rescue of sorts... so I think I can post here :-)

I have an old Netapp F840 that I am trying to boot.  Having the 
following issue though:

Intel Open Firmware by FirmWorks
Copyright 1995-2000 FirmWorks, Network Appliance.  All Rights Reserved.
Firmware release 2.8_i1

Memory size is 3072 MB
Testing SIO
Testing LCD
Probing devices
Testing 3072MB
Finding image...
Loading /pci1/fcal at 8/disk at 10
Starting Press CTRL-C for special boot menu
Special boot options menu will be available.

PANIC: NVRAM3 charger check returns a bad value. in process 
nvram3_read_battery on release NetApp Release 7.1.2 on Sun May  2 
23:54:22 GMT 1971

version: NetApp Release 7.1.2: Wed Feb 21 23:14:41 PST 2007
cc flags: 3O


DUMPCORE: END -- coredump *NOT* written.
halt after panic during system initialization
Program terminated

So - the big 6 Volt cache battery has been replaced, however I'm unsure 
why I'm getting this message.  Could this be the CR2032 Battery on the 
If so - how can I set time and date at the OBP on a Netapp?



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