[rescue] SA4008 disk drive belt?

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Sun Jan 25 10:09:28 CST 2009

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From: Skeezics Boondoggle <skeezicsb at gmail.com>
> Would anyone just happen to have a replacement Shugart SA4008 disk
> drive belt (part #10904) laying about?  Or suggestions for how to
> safely refurbish one?
> It's physically in good shape, with no apparent cracks, warping or
> damage, but it slips off just a few seconds after applying power.  The
> inside of the belt has pretty much worn smooth.  There are no
> instructions in the OEM manual or readily apparent tensioning
> adjustments on the drive.
> Thanks,
> -- Chris

I would attempt to clean off any crud or "smoothness" with isopropyl alcohol.
I've gotten various rollers and belts working again by a simple cleaning.  Sometimes those belts can pick up material or have some sort of chemical breakdown on the surface and become slick and not have the friction they once had.


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