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Fri Jan 23 17:48:27 CST 2009

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From: Timothy Baldridge <tbaldridge at gmail.com>
> The below items are hitting the trash in one week. It hurts me to
> think that any of this should be thrown out, but hey...some of it is
> junk.
> Price is Shipping + $20 "a box" where a box is stuff that will easily
> fit in a box. So I could ship all the Origin RAM for $20 but probably
> shouldn't pack all the Origin boards in one box. But for the most part
> I'll leave that all up to the buyer.
> 8x 50GB 7200 RPM drives (fit perfectly in the Octane/Origin Sleds, to
> big for an O2)
> ~4GB worth of Origin RAM Modules (all 64MB sticks)
> 4x Star routers for Origin systems
> 3x dual 195MHz Origin2k node boards
> Working Origin2k Chassis (deskside)
> 1 180Mhz O2 with AV Module
> 1 250Mhz O2 (R10k) with normal Audio Module
> Origin PCI Card Shoehorn with PS2 keyboard PCI card
> SI graphics modded to work in an Origin2k
> 2x Fibre Channel boards for Origin 2k
> 3x Standard I/O modules for Origin 2k
> PC Junk:
> 6x ECC SDRAM 512MB
> 4x 700Mhz Xeon Slot Procs 1MB caches
> 4x CPU Power Modules for Compaq NetServe (I think, PM for part number)
> 3x Quad Ethernet Cards (one PCI slot with 4 net interfaces)
> Timothy
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If there's no interest in the 250 MHz O2, I'm interested.


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