[rescue] Last call before the trash....

Pete leaknoil at comcast.net
Fri Jan 23 11:34:37 CST 2009

Hi Timothy,
  I am interested in the following. I changed some quantities to the 
number I want.  Let me know whats not gone already. Seems like most 
would fit in one big enough box other the the o2's of course.  Do they 
have ram and drives or at least the sled for drives ? My zip code is 
94116 if that helps get an idea on shipping. FedEx ground is usually best.

> 8x 50GB 7200 RPM drives (fit perfectly in the Octane/Origin Sleds, to
> big for an O2)
> ~4GB worth of Origin RAM
> 2x Star routers for Origin systems
> 1 180Mhz O2 with AV Module
> 1 250Mhz O2 (R10k) with normal Audio Module
> Origin PCI Card Shoehorn with PS2 keyboard PCI card
> SI graphics modded to work in an Origin2k
> 1x Fibre Channel boards for Origin 2k
> 1x Standard I/O modules for Origin 2k

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