[rescue] Fujistu 600lpm band printer available

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Mon Jan 19 10:51:01 CST 2009

I just remember our line printer/band printer having spectacular paper jams-
blowing half a box of greenbar into mutilated accordion folds before someone
realized what was going on and hit the "off-line" button.

After clearing out that mess, the force of the feed usually had paper jammed
so tight in a variety of small spaces that we kept an old phillips
screwdriver ground to a point and other small, thin pieces of metal, etc. to
try and dig out the worst of it.

I exercised a more than a few swear words buried up to my shoulders in that
thing... <grin>


On 1/19/09 10:30 AM, "Dennis Boone"  wrote:

> If ones objective were levitation, perhaps leaving the door open a bit,
> and printing a page or two of alternating blank and solid lines?
> For optimum geekiness and noise, use the order of characters on the band
> to make sure all the hammers fire at once...
> :)
> De
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