[rescue] Fujistu 600lpm band printer available

Dennis Boone drb at msu.edu
Mon Jan 19 10:30:17 CST 2009

 > Depends on the enclosure.  We had some at ($work-1) that were horribly 
 > loud with the door open, but reduced to a pleasant volume with their 
 > doors closed.  Loud enough to hear that they were printing, but quiet 
 > enough to have comfortable conversation standing next to them.  Probably 
 > loud enough to wake a sleeping cat, but not so loud as to levitate one.

If ones objective were levitation, perhaps leaving the door open a bit,
and printing a page or two of alternating blank and solid lines?

For optimum geekiness and noise, use the order of characters on the band
to make sure all the hammers fire at once...



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