[rescue] quad head pci video cards

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Mon Jan 5 13:09:08 CST 2009

Curious George wrote:
> --- On Mon, 1/5/09, Sparr <sparr0 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have a box full of old Colorgraphics Evolution 4 cards,
>> about 30 of them, but with only about 25 of the 'squid' 4xVGA
>> dongles that go with them.  I picked them up with the idea 
>> of playing with large display walls, the most I ever did was
>> an old box with three of them for a 4x3
> [snip]
> I've not been able to find any specifications for these  :<
> I've been looking for a couple of dual head PCI cards for a
> pair of servers here (don't ask  :> ).  But, not knowing
> what these are capable of (resolution, driver, etc.)...

Considered a couple of PCI Matrox G400/450/550 cards?  They are
available in PCI models, and will do up to 2048x1536 on the primary
display and 1600x1200 on the secondary.  They are generally well supported.

(I have a couple of 16MB versions, actually, which I'm considering
replacing with a G550 with DVI output now that I have a DVI-capable
monitor.  I think mine are both AGP though.)

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