[rescue] Happy new year all

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Fri Jan 2 10:07:17 CST 2009

   Right back at you!
   Yesterday was my birthday, and my New Year's Resolution is to thin the
   herd of idle machines in my home, and going forward to try and resist
   the siren call of machines based on price or my long-ago longing for a
   particular machine (for example, I once wanted A Sun Ultra 2, now I
   have over a dozen that I literally can't give them away - literally).
   When you can get capable quad-core desktops for about $400, and
   quad-core servers for under $600, you start to realize why older, 2-3U
   dual processor systems are so cheap... OK, everyone else knew, and I
   guess I did too, but I always overcame it for some reason.
   BTW, my latest "find" (though I haven't acted on it (yet) is a $377
   (shipped, ConUS) P4 2U server with 12 hot-swap SATA trays on eBay - it
   has 4 Gigs of RAM, a 3.0 GHz P4 CPU, no HDs, and a couple PCI-X
   expansion slots - no RAID/JBOD controller for all 12 drive bays, but
   with a PCI-X slot or two available, you have a few options available.
   eBay item number: 400020139034
   They claim to have 90 of them available...
   Jan 1, 2009 12:09:14 PM, rescue at sunhelp.org wrote:
   Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.
   ft worth tx
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