[rescue] Old HP-UX Versions

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Wed Feb 25 13:44:02 CST 2009

On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Andrew Gaylard wrote:

>> HP-UX 10.20 doesn't support the PA-8700 CPU.
> Are you sure?  I thought there were patches released near the end of the
> 10.20 support period that would enable it for this hardware, for exactly
> the reason you mention -- many apps ran on 10.20, not 11.x.

There is a patch for HP-UX 10.26, and I may try to see if the patch
components for that will link against 10.20's kernel.  Since 10.26 is a
"trusted HP-UX" release, I'd bet that they won't.

> http://www.openpa.net/systems/hp-visualize_j6000_j6700.html
> suggests that they're only 11.x boxes; the J6000 was the last of the
> 10.20 boxes.

Yes.  I misread exactly that page before ordering the systems.  I have a
j6000 running 10.20, so seeing that the hardware was almost identical, I
didn't even stop to think that the CPUs themselves might be unsupported.

> Though I never managed to figure out what could be so hard about
> "porting" from 10.20 to 11.x.

Many, many kernel-level things changed in 11.  One of the components of
the package in question is a hardware interface card, and I doubt there's
a driver for that card.  I also doubt that HP/Agilent/Verigy/whomever will
hand over the specs so that we could roll our own.

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