[rescue] Oh yeah ...

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Fri Feb 20 19:36:50 CST 2009

Robert Darlington wrote:
> My 10 year old Ultra 2 runs Solaris 10 as well, almost as fast as my really
> really slow  4 year old SunFire V100.  My spiffy, inexpensive core two quad
> (Q6600 chip in particular) runs pretty peppy with XP and Vista.  Trust me, I
> like the old junk too, but not for day to day stuff.  There's a reason why
> my NeXT and sgi gear are in storage.
My point was more that the combination of good hardware and an OS that 
hasn't expanded exponentially over the last decade is a better choice in 
the long run than cheap hardware and an OS that is only going to get 
bigger and require faster hardware.

I think most MS software is written for hardware that doesn't exist yet.

I do use the Ultra 2 for day-to-day stuff. I also use box with 4 x 2.4 
GHz xeons and 6G of RAM running Slackware. They both are a pleasure to 
use. I only run Windows on my work laptops because I have to. I am much 
happier running virtually any *nix as opposed to Windows.

Phil is right in saying that it seems that MS is actively trying to make 
things more difficult. I think that they are actually trying to make 
things easier for clueless people which then makes it tougher for people 
who know something. Very frustrating.

I prefer to stay away completely if at all possible.


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