[rescue] Oh yeah ...

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Fri Feb 20 19:08:33 CST 2009

Robert Darlington wrote:
> For those of you that are bashing XP, you should *really* take a peek at the
> UNIX Hater's Handbook to remind yourselves of how things really were back in
> 1994, and for the most part, still are in 2009.  On one hand, I'm not saying
> XP isn't bloat ware.   What I'm saying is spend the $300 and buy a better
> computer that can run it!  Just because it's old doesn't mean it has no use,
> but chances are it was never designed to run a "modern" OS.  At least get
> off your old P1 and try something made in the last 5 years.  You don't hear
> me whining that my Oak Video CGA card won't run WoW!

My Ultra 2 happily runs the newest version of Solaris. The Ultra 2 is 
probably almost 10 years old. No 10-year-old PeeCee hardware will run 
the newest version of Windows.

Spending $300 on a new PeeCee may get you something designed to run a 
"modern" version of Windows, but it still isn't going to be that fast. 
Better to run a reasonable OS.

There is no bloat like MS bloat.


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