[rescue] fwd: [Suns-at-Home] Looking for old Sun (Sparc) compiler

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Feb 20 15:52:45 CST 2009

anyone here help this fellow out?

" From: jfehlinger at comcast.net
" I am attempting to resurrect some software that was built using
" a development tool that was in turn dependent on a specific
" Sun (Sparc) compiler -- SunPro C 4.2 running on Solaris 2.6.
" I have Solaris 2.6, and Sun makes licenses available on their
" Web site for SunPro C 4.2, but I have failed so far to locate
" a source for the compiler itself.
" Does anybody on this mailing list have an idea where I could
" locate (for purchase, if necessary) a copy of this
" long-discontinued Sun software?
" Thanks for any help you can provide.
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