[rescue] Oh yeah ...

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Fri Feb 20 14:20:03 CST 2009

Phil Stracchino wrote:
> Yup.  I'm being freshly reminded how painful XP is, with the bling that
> you can't disable and assorted management settings obfuscated and tucked
> away in hard-to-find places.  Tracking down the interface settings and
> setting for performance-over-shiny helps.  But there's still way too
> much bloat and bling and unnecessary space-wastage in the interface.
> And then I remember that Vista is WORSE.  WTF was Microsoft thinking?
I just consider myself inordinately lucky to have Vista work as it 
should(versus how it does) when I
do install it.  Of all odd coincidences, I have had slightly more issues 
with XP.

As for the bling, can't you disable the Themes service in XP similar to 
how Server 2003 does it?
That won't take care of all of it, but it certainly drops the decorations.

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