[rescue] WTB: Intel C2D Mac Mini

nate at portents.com nate at portents.com
Fri Feb 20 12:47:33 CST 2009

> I was just wondering the other day if you could fit a WD Velociraptor
> inside of a mac mini if you removed it's heatsink, and further if the
> drive would survive inside there or overheat.  That would make a very
> nice desktop machine if it would fit and work.

WD Velociraptor is 15mm high, which is normal for SAS 2.5" enterprise
drives, but abnormal for notebook SATA drives which are 9.5mm typical. 
Therefore unlikely to fit in a Mini.  (You'd also violate the WD warranty
by using it without the heatsink.)

However, if drive performance is important, just use an external 3.5"
drive in an enclosure - problem solved!  You can boot off it, it's not
like most silly PCs that have issues with a lot of external driver
interfaces and booting.  They even make some enclosures to match the Mini
footprint, so it just makes it a bit higher.

- Nate

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