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Fri Feb 20 09:08:41 CST 2009

" From: Phil Stracchino <alaric at metrocast.net>
" []
" (It has XPSP3 now, which is painful with only 256MB RAM.  The goal is to
" dual-boot 2KPro and either Slackware or Gentoo.  Tough to set up without
" an optical drive.)


i am at this moment using a borrowed thinkpad t22 w/256M and xpsp3pro.
the first thing i did when my gf got it was run the security checklist
tool from cisecurity.org.  one of the things this has you do is shut
off a bunch of insecure services; becoming familiar with that i also
shut off itunes and realplayer 'helpers' and stopped openoffice from
starting at boot time - in general, minimize the system tray.  i also
set the pagefile to a fixed [1G] size, and the latest things i've done
is get and run pagedefrag and jkdefrag, optimizing by size.

it still slows down when the commit charge climbs above 500M, but
not nearly as much and maybe i'm just tolerant. 

more mysterious is why firefox occasionally disappears from the
taskbar.  taskman says it's still running, and if i 'end process' ff
complains next time i launch it.
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