[rescue] Switch help...and intro

Freaky Clown freakyclown at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 08:35:15 CST 2009


New to the list, but been pointed here by a friend as a place I might
get some help.

We haev just purchased at a bargin price a buch of 2nd hand IBM kit.

Amongst them are two IBM 2109 F16 (aka brocade 3800) switches, but
alas we have no idea what the root/admin passwords are.

Is there a way to reset them? (without resorting to calling support
and paying the hefty fee!)
We have complete access to them...and after taking them apart decided
there was no jumper to short (we even tried removing cmos battery but
guessing its all eprom based)

I have written a serial port dictionary attack tool to slowly work my
way in..but its slow :(

I have also started trawling through the ram by hand looking at teh
hex to see if i can gleen info out of the switch this way, but again
thats slow (but ive learnt a lot about them!)

Anyway - help if you can..if not thanks for takign the time to read :)


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